September 2023

New paper on MEG correlates of auditory short-term memory out in EJN.

May 2023

New paper on tactile entrainment out in Frontiers. Spoiler: We found no evidence for entrainment in the tactle modality…

November 2022

Two new papers from the works of very dedicated MSc students out this month: Cross-modal attentional effects of rhythmic sensory stimulation (full text); Testing the role of temporal selection for stimulus-driven capture of attention (full text).

August 2022

New paper ‘Motor-induced oscillations in choice response performance’ now out in Psychophysiology. Full text here.

October 2021

Our paper ‘Theta-rhythmic oscillation of working memory performance’ is finally out in Psychological Science. Full text here.

July 2021

My project proposal to study Rhythmic Fluctuations in Somatosensory Perception is being funded by a Postdoc-Award from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna. More news on this soon!

July 2021

Two upcoming poster presentations: On July 15th, I present ‚Motor-Induced 12 Hz Oscillations in Choice Response Times‘ at the 2021 SAMBA meeting.  

On July 27th, I present ‚Multiple items in working memory are cyclically activated at a theta-rhythm ‘ at the 2021 CogSci meeting.

February 2021

Welcome Burcu Bayram, who joins the ‘Dynamates’ project as a PhD student!

September 2020

Our paper ‘On the Work Situation for Early-Stage Researchers in the Field of Psychology in Austria’ is out in Psychologische Rundschau.

July 2020

Official start of our extremely exciting new FWF Young Independent Researcher Group ‘Dynamates’. Together with Michelle Spierings and Robert Baumgartner we will combine EEG, computational modeling and cognitive biology study predictive processing in the auditory domain.